DOSemu & SUSE Linux 9.2

Installing and configuring the DOS emulator with SuSE Linux 9.2

The DOSEMU program is an emulation package. It will attempt to emulate a DOS environment in order that you can run certain old DOS software under Linux.
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Article first written: 29th January 2005


To install dosemu and to be able to run it in a graphical window within KDE. This configuration is aimed mainly at persons wanting to run office or work software rather than people who want to run games. Running games tends to be a more specialised (and more difficult) undertaking because of the need to get sound working and the fact that games software has often tended to break more rules of portable programming than ordinary office applications do.

This article is a work in progress and is expected to be completed during 2005.

Assumptions and prerequisites

That SuSE Linux 9.2 is already installed.
That at least one ordinary user has been defined.
That KDE is already installed and fully operational.
That you have a fair amount of time to fiddle around.

Initial steps

Run YaST and install the DOSEMU package.

Create a set of working DOS directories to be used as drive C:

Install a copy of DOS (Win 98) for example into those directories along with all the other required programs.

Create a minimal autoexec.bat file and config.sys file.

Into the autoexec.bat file put the following
  keyboard configuration

Into the config.sys file put the following

Ensure that the ownerships and permissions are set correctly for all of the directories and files. This step is very important because if the ownerships and permissions are set badly then things will go complicatedly wrong later.

Using a text console log in as an ordinary user.

Execute the command dosemu in order to install a copy of the emulator for that particular user. Note the the command is all lower case. As part of the process it is necessary to specify where your drive C is going to be.

Running dosemu from within KDE

Login to KDE as an ordinary user.

Press Alt-F2 to run an application. The program name is xdosemu.

All should be well.

Internal Links

External Links

The DOS emulator project for GNU/Linux.
The SuSE Linux distribution has been used as the base platform for DOSEMU and Rapidfile.


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