Multi-platform network printing

Windows9x, Win2K & DOS use a GNU/Linux print server.

This page contains a brief description of how Samba can be used to make printer connected to a GNU/Linux machine available to other machines that are running with DOS or Windows.

Content revision history:
Article first written, spring 2004

On the Linux “server” machine

  • Install samba on the server machine using YaST.There are two “packages” to install: The server and the client.Both are needed on the server.
  • Allocate a directory for use for spool files.
  • Very important!Ensure that the directory's permission bits allow reading and writing by “others” because without this the remote machines will not be able to spool their print data.
  • Modify the /etc/samba/samba.conf file: see the file actually in use to know how this should be done.
    • Access permissions
    • Many assorted variables
    • Work group name
  • Modify /etc/rc.config to ensure that Samba is started at boot. This can also be done using the YaST software.

On the client Windows machines

  • Microsoft network must be installed.
  • TCP/IP must be mapped to the ethernet adapter.
  • Configure the work group name
  • Create a new printer “device” that corresponds to the networked printer.
  • Enable capture of LPT1 by DOS programs.
  • All done ??
  • Pretty simple really.

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