Batch file to print schematic files

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@echo off

set   AppDrv=U
if not [%AppDrv%] == [U] goto ErrEnv

call waste off
logpos /SAVE /lf=$schedit
if exist !entry.bat call !entry.bat SCHPLOT
cd %AppDrv%:\
netlog Start SchPLOT in %%CD
cd %AppDrv%:\apps\PSchema\plot
logpos /GET /lf=$schedit
netlog End SchPLOT
if exist !exit.bat call !exit.bat SCHPLOT

REM      Send plot file to printer ...
for %%A in (*.scp) do call FPrint %%A
goto Exit

@echo Error:  Insufficient environment space
@echo         discovered by %0.
goto Exit


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